Our fractured healthcare system is strained with the current global pandemic. The supply-chain is disrupted, hospitals & healthcare professionals are left unprotected. Premier Medical Distribution was founded with deep roots in our community & strong commitment to our values.

Premier Medical Distribution is a direct source for wholesale medical supplies. Our company streamlines the supply-chain to secure fast, affordable, reliable and secured resources to healthcare professionals and the public alike. We are experts in lean management and pride ourselves of being a very adaptive supplier.

This much needed continuity and agility is crucial in executing an effective response again the current global pandemic for example. Our current vision is to re-establish market order, protect consumers and normalize pricing.

We provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), infection control/sterilization, emergency/first aid and diagnostic supplies.

Our customers include nursing homes, home health agencies, hospices, hospitals, outpatient centers, physician offices, government, and state agencies. We maintained our anti-price-gouging policy during this global pandemic which made us more rooted in our principles as we are committed to serving our community and supplying those most in need. Premier Medical Distribution is Your Trusted Direct Source.


Our mission is to answer to the most-pressing supply needs of our healthcare professionals.


Our current vision is for every healthcare provider to be protected and secured while attending to patients and healing our country.

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